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"Daniel Frank brokered the role with shades far beyond the relatively shallow original figure Bizet provide." - Ingrid Gäfvert - Tidskriften OPERA
"Daniel Frank has a buoyant tenor voice, and consistently makes a full-fledged, temperamental Don José mastering the appropriate dramatic and lyrical passages" - Bengt Hultman - Västebottens-kuriren
"Scenically is Daniel Frank José outstanding." "You sit breathless when he sings Don Jose's aria." - Bo Löfvendahl - SvD
"the magnificent Daniel Frank's Peter Quint" - Martin Nyström - DN
"moves freely in the role, psychologically credible, with an impressive shiny voice." - Bo Löfvendahl - SvD
"Peter Grimes (excellent and flexible voice: Daniel Frank)" - Marianne Mühlemann - Der Bund
"you immediately want to hear more of Frank's tenor voice." - Åsa Mälhammar - HD
"Frank as Radames is a bit of a dream for the role" - Søren Schauser - Berlingske
"As Radames, he shows steel and stamina but also human weakness and doubt." - Thomas Michelsen, - Politiken
"Frank makes Paul an explosive powder keg of ambivalence, sadness, shame and pain, with a tenor that glisten of obsession and flaring of frustrated libido." - Karin Helander - SvD
"Frank's tenor abundant and intensely diverse" - Bo Löfvendahl - Opus